hunter's life


It was then when Rek’yr refused to guide him on the hunt anymore, during passage through the Crystal Desert depths.

He lunged on the animal like a hungry beast, throwing the blades aside, seeing red. Tearing its throat with talons and fangs, he didn’t even think. He needed to kill it, feel the blood in his mouth, bath in it, devour it before —-

He wasn’t always like that. Some things triggered him, like the scent, taste… something that was reminding him of the most traumatic hunts he ever had.

And he had few, he wanted to forget.

He was unbroken but he wasn’t unbent. He learned his title hard way.

Some knew. Some of them, he allowed to know and live. Some were long dead, their corpses decomposing in the ground.

Living alone had more merits than just being free. They didn’t see him wake up at night, talons dug up in the furs he was lying on, teeth pressed like he was about to break someone’s neck with them.

Rek’yr wasn’t a fool. But definitely couldn’t know anything from his hidden life…

… and skekMal didn’t want him dead either.

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